22 lis 2010

The Missing Syndrome

"The Missing Syndrome" - is a sociological project about London. The remarkable, significant
trips of abandoned shopping trolleys captured from the peripheral, marginal zone 6 to The City 
with Oxford Circus in the centre.










New Malden

Kilburn Lane

Raynes Park

Ealing Broadway

10 lis 2010


Can I call it "Selfportrait" ;)?

2 wrz 2010


Taka wczorajsza niespodzianka kolorystyczna.
Widok z okna mego.

11 maj 2010

Los Tres


25 kwi 2010

2 landscapes

Fishing and Treeing. Spain and Poland.Costa Brava and Mazury.
Bit of fantastic, calm music (  Alice Coltrane "Journey to Satchindananda") and  link to an inspirational blog:
Thanks Ewa 4 idea puting music in photoblog :)!!!


21 kwi 2010

Industrial II

Another photos from the GATX Rail Poland series. I really enjoy shooting this kind of theme.
And now the give-song from my good friend Arek. In perfect moment because one girl puted me in bloody mood...
I didnt know this guy before.


12 kwi 2010

Katyń 1940-2010

The big tragedy for our country! And the big sorrow.

I just wish, that more people aruond the world will to know, 

what happened in Katyn 70 years ago.

And our relationship with Russia finally will be better.